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My Rotten World

My Rotten World!

Looking for a cool party game? Love UNO? Love Cards Against Humanity? Think they’re the best there can be? Wait till you check this out!!!

My mentor at Carnegie Mellon always had the most fun party ideas. Once she had some free time on her hands, she really outdid herself and came up with My Rotten World‘!!

My Rotten World is a 2-4 player card game where the objective is to hold on to the Rotten Card. Everyone starts with 5 cards and take turns to play. They can use their turn to play a card that lets them steal cards, dump cards, swap cards and all mayhem!

Really rotten stuff can be found on cards!

All cards have a story about something really rotten than could happen to you or already has..

Get yourself your own pack now, the project is live on Kickstarter!!

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