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By - Joey

The Emoji Poem!

So I noticed all my recently used emojis on Whatsapp were kinda telling a story so I just had to put it in a poem…It did end up sounding a little dark but that’s probably because of things I see on the news.. I wanted to share no matter how bad things get, life is really really precious…

With darkness in his eyes,
he looked for a friend to make
For the pain, for the joy, the laughter,
and every bleeding mistake

For every time he tried, he was burnt like a lamb
Why was every glance of love,
so hard to understand?

And it made him sick,
when he didn’t get back a smile
And he cried in his bed,
waiting for a kiss goodnight

Every dream made him cry,
He was frustrated, why,
Why was even Born,
To live on a promise to survive?

He even laughed at his hunger, instead of feeling shy!

He said “fuck the world, I could jump,
Bring this shit to an end
But only I can rescue myself,
so I’ll swim wearily across till then

I’ll choose how I live,
like a bot, like a clown
I’ll drink my way to riches
or take my fury back underground…”


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