Joey Pinto

Here to help you enjoy your job!

Hi There! I’m Joey!

My world revolves around Tech, Music, Poetry and Psychology!

The Bay area is home to me.

This blog is a way for me to share what I discover about myself and the world.

Currently, I’m an Engineering Manager at Meta Platforms Inc.


I feel more powerful with a marker and a board than at my computer. An iPad+Stylus has been an interesting middle-ground lately.

Activities like figuring out processes, systems designs, and traffic flows get my heart pumping. I’m the best rubber duck you can ask for. Reach out!

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I play the piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, and bass (in that order of expertise). Music is a way for me to express myself without words. I play mostly by ear and love playing pop songs. I can’t read sheet music and dislike practicing the same piece over and over so I guess I’m never learning.

If you’re a classical musician who isn’t open to improv…sorry we can’t be friends.

Hiking and Biking

“Look outdoors for inspiration, because you look indoors to fight perspiration” is something I believe in.

I do some of my best work not at a desk. I’ve recently discovered an eccentric group of friends who let me hike with musical instruments and life has never been better. See more

I need energy for hikes so I’m a foodie…See more


I love writing, more than I like reading. I find poems that rhyme awesome. Khalil Gibran is my favorite poet. Journaling is awesome!

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Brain Science

I love exploring the human thought process, how the human brain works, and neuroscience.

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