Joey Pinto

Software Engineer

Hi There! I’m Joey Pinto!

My world revolves around Tech, Music, Hiking, Literature, and Psychology! I do not have any credentials for most of these but I love them regardless.

I hail from Mumbai, India, and presently reside in Mountain View, California.

This blog is a collection of my articles, poetry and random stuff about me I would like people to know.

Currently, I’m a Production Engineer at Facebook, Menlo Park Headquarters. I was a student at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley, and gotmy Master’s Degree in Software Engineering there.


I love to talk about Cloud Computing and Web Services. I like to code in Java and Python. What I really love to do is to design and build systems. Converting an idea of a software product into a system design is by far the thing I love to do most. Read about my work


I’m a musician. I play the guitar and the keyboard. Music is a way for me to express myself without words. I play mostly by ear and love playing pop songs. I am still learning to read sheet music.

Hiking and Biking

Thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown I’ve taken to hiking where I can avoid too many people. I’ve always loved biking as a kid. I biked throughout my education, it’s just as natural as walking to me. I just can’t treat it as exercise…See more

I need energy for hikes so I’m a foodie…See more


I love writing, more than I like reading. I find poems that rhyme awesome.

Read my poems

Brain Science

I love exploring the human thought process, how the human brain works, and neuroscience.

Read my noob articles