Joey Pinto

Software Engineer

By - Joey

Crimson Letters

This is dedicated to brave soldiers guarding peace: As that rare sound beckons my heart,My heartbeats grow far less apart,Comes forth the postman with his poisonous grace,While we look on with so much a mind as a blank face,Trifled he opens that harmless bag of letters,Doesn’t know how many hopes he today shatters. With my name called, my rifle does

By - Joey


Falling asleep requires real talent. Here are a few poems to help: 1. Into the land of candy and honey,Close your eyes little one.For have crept out little stars,And inside his blanket has disappeared the sun. Fear not the darknessAnd let every thought fade awayNot a worry, not a laughIn your mind anymore stay. Look away for everyoneLook away from

By - Joey

Have you ever thought?

Have you ever thought,What happens to the other side?Of the mirror that cracked,Into a million pieces of light. Have you ever thought,What happens to the night?Who no matter how dark.Is washed away by light. Have you ever thought,What happens to the other soul?Behind the heart broken by one word,Which even after a lifetime, is never whole. Have you ever thoughtSomeone

By - Joey

My Rotten World

Looking for a cool party game? Love UNO? Love Cards Against Humanity? Think they’re the best there can be? Wait till you check this out!!! My mentor at Carnegie Mellon always had the most fun party ideas. Once she had some free time on her hands, she really outdid herself and came up with ‘My Rotten World‘!! My Rotten World