Joey Pinto

Manager by day, Musician by Night

By - Joey

A Night without Black

I once participated in a challenge among friends to paint a picture of the starry sky. One of my friends ran out of the color black but ended up painting a masterpiece anyway. That inspired me to write a poem about a night without blackā€¦.This is a poem about light pollution 

From the prehistoric woman's first spark
    that took away the curse of the dark,
We've been unshackled into the light
    from the chains of time, into glorious sight.

An illuminated street, a candle sweet,
    a humming post, a disillusioned ghost,
Have forever stolen, a mystery broken
    every secret of the shadows, is now in the open.

Has lost its purpose, that glimmering light,
    the big one's shadow, that ruled the night.
Every gleaming lake, that once turned golden,
     is now like a chandelier, into a million rainbows broken.

The starry skies that twinkled smiles,
    now hide among a yellow mist's cries.
I fear someday, I'll have to tell my child,
    "Little one, those aren't planes swarming wild"

For my children,
    I grabbed a brush, to take what I can scavenge, to the future, back.
But as I grabbed the dye from my multipurpose sack,
    Into pieces did the darkest crack,
I still went on to paint...
    'A night without black'

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