Joey Pinto

Manager by day, Musician by Night

By - Joey


In the midst of darkness as I evade all light,When each sound of pain keeps draining my might,When the smile feels fake And my life’s at stake,and nothing in the world says I’m right When I search for someone as I search for myself,when I crucify my heart and have no one to tell,When all that they can do is

By - Joey


Turn back ashes into fire,Bringing out those burnt desires, There’s no reason to burn your graceCrying out your past mistakesWishing that those memories in your nightmares never come Love and laughter fade awayBut the pain here to stayLeavin’ nothing left to sayTo the one that was the one Turn me downAnd let these winds stand quietBurn me downTurn my hopes

By - Joey

Joey’s Productivity Toolkit!

Studying at CMU is no trivial task, preparing for job interviews isn’t one either. Here are a set of tools I used to maximize my productivity. Todoist: Is a todo list tool with some neat features like re-scheduling and a fully functional chrome and mobile app. The free version is already power-packed but the pro version adds the reminder functionality