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By - Joey

The Low-Tech Toolkit

Ever since the industrial revolution we’ve based industries around machines. Humans who knew how to operate machines were prized as ‘skilled labor’. These ‘skills’ however go way beyond the technique of operating machines. There is a lot more to these skills that make machinery into an industry. We’re not just apparatus that enables machines to do the work they’re supposed

By - Joey

An Interview with IIITK

I was recently interviewed by Anant Mehra, a student at my alma matter, IIIT Kota. This was for the collegiate magazine ‘Quills ‘n Stills’. He had quite a few interesting questions for me, so I’m sharing a transcript here. What is your role at Facebook? I’m a production engineer at the Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, California. A production engineer

By - Joey

The Art of Feedback!

Giving and receiving feedback is what quite literally makes the world a better place. It takes multiple forms, oral, written, or even visual. But the underlying idea remains the same, advice on shortcomings and recognition of achievements to help in having a resultant trajectory to improvement. Notice that I said both giving and receiving. They’re both equally intricate processes. Here