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By - Joey

A Night without Black

I once participated in a challenge among friends to paint a picture of the starry sky. One of my friends ran out of the color black but ended up painting a masterpiece anyway. That inspired me to write a poem about a night without black….This is a poem about light pollution From the prehistoric woman’s first spark that took away

By - Joey

An Interview with IIITK

I was recently interviewed by Anant Mehra, a student at my alma matter, IIIT Kota. This was for the collegiate magazine ‘Quills ‘n Stills’. He had quite a few interesting questions for me, so I’m sharing a transcript here. What is your role at Facebook? I’m a production engineer at the Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, California. A production engineer

By - Joey

The Art of Feedback!

Giving and receiving feedback is what quite literally makes the world a better place. It takes multiple forms, oral, written, or even visual. But the underlying idea remains the same, advice on shortcomings and recognition of achievements to help in having a resultant trajectory to improvement. Notice that I said both giving and receiving. They’re both equally intricate processes. Here