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Some Tips from my Hiking endeavors

  1. Look up a parking location before hand and check how busy it is when you’re going to arrive
  2. Try the website/app and checkout reviews, lengths of the trails you’d like to go on. I have a premium subscription so that I can use the navigation feature that helps me know I’m on the right track
  3. Travel light!
  4. [COVID19] Carry more than one mask since the mask you are wearing may become soggy from your breath.
  5. Temperature makes a big difference to each hike, look up the weather forecast a day in advance. Thinner air at higher temperatures can make you breathe harder

Some fun places I’ve hiked to recently…

Mori Point

Difficulty: 4/10 Beauty: 8/10

The water splashing on the rocks is by far the prettiest thing I’ve seen on a hike. An easy hike, some tricky slopes on the way downhill scared me a bit. This made me go get a pair of hiking boots immediately after.

Yosemite – Upper Yosemite Trail

Difficulty: 8/10 Beauty: 7/10

Damn this was hard. The rapid elevation gain makes things really difficult. Step after step it takes a toll on you but there’s a rewarding view of the hills every few steps and that makes it worth it.

Muir Woods

Difficulty: 5/10 Beauty: 4/10

Overall an easy hike. The woods are pretty amazing but nothing much to see after that on the trail we followed. A visit to Muir Beach later made my day!