Joey Pinto

Manager by day, Musician by Night

By - Joey


In the midst of darkness as I evade all light,
When each sound of pain keeps draining my might,
When the smile feels fake And my life’s at stake,
and nothing in the world says I’m right

When I search for someone as I search for myself,
when I crucify my heart and have no one to tell,
When all that they can do is make me shunt myself
When the pain lies not in suffering but in crying for help

Will they bring me down? Or leave my soul in peace?
Will I feel the sting? Or will I die at ease?
Yes, I shall, yes, I will stand tall,
Right till my poisoned blood eyes still glow

They can’t bring me down, no they can’t, no they won’t!
Gotta bear the sting, the pain, and utter not a groan
For weakness lies in a heart, not a stone,
and I bow to One, but to them, I don’t,

With a numb heart, with a numb soul,
With a numb spirit, with a tough goal,

I march crushing all my enemies, all my foes,
Bleeding my feet on every step they go
Till the moment I stand still, and know what I’ve done,
Till the fire burns out when satisfied is the One…

I bleed from the inside and I’m glad it doesn’t show,
’cause deeper the love the deeper does go
the pain of the sting and the dreams of the broken wing,
The hopes, desires, ambitions all crushed,
tears moans and curses all rushed,

So I stand numb and I stand tall enduring as I go
Hoping that my path no one does know!

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