Joey Pinto

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By - Joey

About Her!

Her day begins at dusk when the world shuts its eyes,
     She walks to the horizon, beyond the blue skies.
Her voice beckons kingdoms far and wide,
    Longs for her word, the planet’s other side.

Her heart makes many a dreams come true,
    What she asks for in return is however few.
Her smile brings joy to every frowning face,
    A word from her lips and any worry leaves no trace.

Her soul walks alone, seeking not a special one,
    Encaged her feelings, hidden from the sun.
Her mind stays sharp, leaving never a backdoor,
    Every hars word given, to her itself turns sore.

Her eyes hold the universe in a drop,
    Once you look deeper, your eyes can never stop.
Her lips many not sing to you the sweetest song,
   But their randomest words, you’d die to hear all day long.

Her spirit is the silver lining, in the cloudiest heavens,
    Stays strong like a rock, whatever may happen.
Never written before she makes her own destiny,
    She lives life on her own terms, for her name is…

-Joey Pinto

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