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Cloud Computing 15619 Team Project Live Test- Phase2

Cloud Computing(15619) course at CMU organizes a live test where multiple teams compete against each other to get the best performance.

This project-based online course focuses on skill building across various aspects of cloud computing. It covers conceptual topics and provides hands-on experience through projects utilizing public cloud infrastructures Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Check out the team war rooms:

Team GodWeiheng:

Team GodWeiheng is enjoying some youtube and a basketball game while they see their servers sweat.

Team oboboboboboboob:

Team R3-D3 is pushing their Laptops to their limits:

Team NtuPuzzleAndDragonLab has a completely Sci-fi setup:

NtuPuzzleAndDragonLab War Room Schematics

Team Invictus Coders is making sure they’re all fueled up for the next half of the test

My Team StackOvercloud, Last Semester

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