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By - Joey


Falling asleep requires real talent. Here are a few poems to help:


Into the land of candy and honey,
Close your eyes little one.
For have crept out little stars,
And inside his blanket has disappeared the sun.

Fear not the darkness
And let every thought fade away
Not a worry, not a laugh
In your mind anymore stay.

Look away for everyone
Look away from everything
Shut out the breaking voices
And every creature that sings.

Go deeper and deeper,
Into the fading deep.
Shut your eyes little one.
An amazing day lies on the other side of sleep.


Look to the sky
let the moon drown in your eye
Look to the star
Gleaming afar
Drown in a dream
Random though it may seem,
Sail over the clouds
As the waves laugh out so loud
Feel the cold breeze
Bring each pain at ease
Close those eyelids like a petal of a rose
And then bring this day with a smile to a close.

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