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By - Joey

The Woman

I am a Girl,
I live! I Breathe! I believe!
I Remember! I Forgive! I Forget!
I do not live for anyone but myself!
I don’t live on every chirp from the lips
Of those who can’t who’ll never know me!
My life is more precious than anything else!
Unlike yours, it isn’t made of deep breaths and calm heartbeats
It’s made of everything that comes to my mind when I close my eyes
Those voices, that laughter! That smile! Those words!
Those little drops of joy who I am too selfish to share with anyone but myself
No matter how selfish I be, I am not wrong!
I deserve to be! I am a treasure and I shall protect it!
This treasure shall be laid on the feet of those who I love
Those who I choose! I know you shall throw your armies to run me down!
But my father says a thousand shall fall dead before me!
Ten Thousand all around me!
But I shall not be harmed!
You exist! But I live!
I live by the rules my heart makes!
If I wish to tread the path of pain,
I shall! No matter how much it hurts me!
Freedom lies not in following the path that leads to Joy
But the path I can walk on with my eyes closed!

I am made of my choices! My opinions!
No matter what you say! No matter how much your words torture me, I
shall not deter!
I hate the rain! Droplets of rain remind me of tears!
So what If I never knew about tears of joy?
The Sunshine, The Horizon are forever mine!
They shall not let that smile walk away from my lips
They shall walk with me Forever!

When I close my eyes I see myself at a cliff
A cliff I can dare to jump into
I have nothing to fear
If I jump, I shall leave nothing behind!
My world shall jump with me
For my world is me
So As I stand at the cliff
I close my eyes
I Spread out my arms
I feel the breeze whisper in my ears!
“You are yours!”
You cannot own me!
You cannot break me! For you didn’t make me

Don’t ask me questions!
For what I answer won’t ever be wrong!
For in every mistake I make! I make something no one has ever done before!
I am a creator as is my father
I am Immortal as he is!
I shall take the leap of faith from that cliff
And in his grace, I shall walk on

I make a difference!
I am the 53rd card of the pack!
So what If I am shuffled into a 52 muffled voices
Every leaf my feet crumbles in autumn makes one moment different from the other
I do not look at what lay behind me!
I stare bravely into the horizon!
I do not care on what stone I step!
I do not care on what thorn I step!
If it lay there, It was meant to be!
I cannot imagine better!
I cannot imagine worse!

I am not numb!
I don’t see people!
I see hearts! Hearts that beat!
Even those engulfed in stone!
Every time my heart beats to the tune of a neighbor
I run to them! I numb myself for you!
For when I let you listen to my heartbeat,
You mock me! You do not know it’s worth!
You shall never know!
But when I bow down in service,
I shall crucify myself for those in need!
My purposes do not hammer the nails
of another like yours do!

I am not made of stone!
If you hammer me I shall stand strong!
But if you chisel me like my father did,
I shall let you!
I shall not turn a deaf ear to the voice of those who care

I won’t let you be my senses!
I hear for myself!
I see for myself!
I feel for myself!
I do not sieve my senses through the desires of my heart
You can’t turn me against those who are mine!

I am not better than you!
Neither am I worse!
For I don’t think I can judge what my father has made
Neither can you
It’s a pity of you think you can!

You are among the surroundings of my world!
And I among that of yours!
We do not stand at the same cliff!
I do not know who shall fall first!
Neither do you! My life is mine!
No one knows it better than I do!

My joy lies not in a spruce coffin
Not in nails of gold!
It lies in that little glitter on the face who I loved as my own
For whom I knelt!
For whom I wept
Every moment I love to remember runs in my nerves!
I take no pride in making them yours
For you know not how much they matter to me

I don’t lie
Not for myself, Not for you!
You call it honesty! I call It pride!
Pride that I haven’t misused the powers my father bestowed on me, that
I haven’t Broken his trust!

I am pure! I am serene!
I am not crowded with desires!
And I do not wish to crowd the garden of people who can’t love!
I am not an object!
I am not a soul!
I am not a name!
I am Precious!
I am a Woman!

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